Cosmetic Dentist in Grand Prairie, TX Information

From dental repairs to changing the look of a patient’s teeth, a Cosmetic dentist in Grand Prairie TX can do this. These type of dentist can repair cracked, chipped or broken teeth along with several other things. They can also whiten teeth, fix misshapen teeth, close spaces, and alter the length of teeth.

A very common procedure that Cosmetic dentist in Grand Prairie TX does is teeth bleaching. This is a chemical process to remove stains on teeth or to give teeth a whiter shade. Teeth discoloration is caused by several things. Most commonly, it occurs with smoking, drinking tea or coffee, and some medications. Teething bleaching is done in the dental office and is performed by a dentist. The dentist will create a custom mouthpiece, so the whitening solution is evenly distributed along all teeth. If teeth whitening is done in the dentist office, it generally takes one hour. Teeth whitening can also be done at home with the supervision of a dentist. This treatment takes about two to four weeks if done at home.

These dentists can also repair cracked, chipped and broken teeth. A cracked tooth can be fixed with a procedure called bonding. This can last for several years if taken care of properly. Chipped teeth are fixed with a filling. Fillings are a permanent solution to fixing a chipped tooth. A broken tooth is repaired also with a filling. If the broken tooth is in the front of the mouth, it is fixed by bonding. Bonding gives a more natural look and is closest to the tooth’s natural color. These dentists can also close spaces in the teeth. This is fixed with braces, and over time they are slowly tightened over time.

A cosmetic dentist can also alter the length of teeth. The procedure they use is re-contouring. This procedure removes small amounts of enamel to alter the length, shape, and surface. Veneers can also be placed on the front of the teeth. These are very thin and are custom-fitted to the patient’s mouth. The dentist can also do the same procedure called bonding and apply crowns to alter the shape of the teeth. For more information, visit website.