The Advantages Of Sleep Dentistry

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Dental Care

Sleep Dentistry, or using sedation for dental procedures, has a few advantages. As advanced technology makes many procedures less invasive, fewer patients require it for minor procedures. Today, there are varying degrees of sedation, none of which will render someone unconscious in the dentist chair. Patients are still conscious because they need to follow simple instructions, such as moving the jaw up or down, turning the head, or rinsing the mouth. Patients do become relaxed, and many do not remember much about the procedure once it is completed.

Patients that are afraid of needles, or the dentist, often do not make appointments for even routine care. That not only effects oral health, but also it effects overall health as well. Sedation can be delivered in intravenous (IV) form, but can also be administered in a gas form. That allows patients to avoid needles altogether. Dentists have to have additional training to provide Sleep Dentistry to patients and, in some States, accreditation is required. It is important to note that most dental insurance plans do not cover the cost of sedation beyond standard Novocain. Patients wishing to have sedation for appointments will want to discuss the costs with the dentist before any procedures.

Another advantage, besides calming anxieties of patients with dentist phobias, is that a lot more work can get done in a single appointment. What used to require several appointments, like many extractions, for example, can be done in an afternoon. The patient can tolerate more drilling, pressure, or cutting, and feel like the appointment went by in a few minutes. That can save patients a lot of time and money. Making three different appointments, for example, means three separate office visit co-payments, getting time off from work on three separate occasions, and travel to and from the dentist a lot more often. Covering the cost of sedation out-of-pocket for patients can still be more cost-effective than going to the dentist several times to have an issue corrected. Ask about the advantages and compare them to the overall costs. Those interested in sedation can go to Website Domain for information regarding specific forms offered and to schedule a consultation to discuss benefits and options.

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