Three Steps to Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist in Chanhassen

Throughout history, the smile has held one of the most important roles between people. A pleasant smile conveys countless positive feelings: joy, beauty, affection, and is one of the main aspects of dental and facial aesthetics. Going to see a Cosmetic Dentist in Chanhassen can remedy any doubts you may have about your smile. These professionals work tirelessly to ensure you get the smile you have always wanted through three simple steps.

Step One: Focusing on the Gums

The first key in the perfect aesthetic smile lies in the gum, which is the framework of your teeth. A healthy set of gums are essential, but they are also where diseases (like concentrated periodontitis) lie. These types of issues represent a significant cause of tooth loss, along with cavities. This disease is caused by bacteria (plaque) that grows below the gum-line, beyond brushing or a regular dental hygiene routine.

Step Two: The Positioning of the Teeth

The position of the teeth and the smile must be aligned and in harmony to one’s lips. A dentist can align a patient’s smile and place teeth in the correct position through orthodontic treatment. More and more adults are encouraged to improve their smiles using these treatments, mainly using procedures like Invisalign invisible braces. Your local cosmetic dentist in Chanhassen has other options to turn to, but it is best to talk to them first before making a final decision.

Step Three: The Color

When teeth erupt, they usually have a white color to them. As we get older, they darken due to staining from food and personal habits (like tobacco or drug use). In cases where darkening is due to external factors, it is easy to regain the brightness of our youth through whitening techniques provided by your local dentist. If the discoloration is from genetics or drug intake during childhood, external bleaching may help, but you may have to turn to porcelain veneers for the solution.

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