Signs You Need Help From Orthodontists in Corvallis, OR

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Dentist

Highly skilled and experienced orthodontists in Corvallis, OR help you to avoid potentially damaging issues in your mouth. If you choose to put off a visit to such a specialist for even a single year, the results could end in a costlier and more time-consuming treatment plan. Therefore, it can be a great idea to learn the signs that you might need professional help ahead of time to cut down on costs and simplify your treatment options.

Crowded Teeth

As you or your children begin to develop adult teeth, a naturally small palate, unusual wisdom teeth, and more could result in the need to contact orthodontists. Facilities such as Dixon Creek Dental Center can help you get to the bottom of your crowding and offer a number of solutions to the problem. Most likely, treatment will require the removal of one or more unnecessary teeth and a year or more with braces in place.


An overbite may occur due to the natural formation of your jaw or the overcrowding of your mouth. Either way, expect orthodontics performed by highly-trained dentists and orthodontists to be your best option. These dedicated professionals understand the frustration behind such a problem and can help you not only improve your overbite but also reverse the effects of the condition.


Converse to an overbite in which the top teeth rest over the bottom teeth, your bottom teeth may extend beyond the upper row. Although less common than an overbite, this can result in a number of speech impediments, chewing issues, and problems with the jaw. The only way to resolve the problem is to confer with a specialist about your options and get treatment right away to avoid any lasting conditions.

The straight, beautiful smile that you receive from such services should give you the confidence to show off the results to anyone you meet. You can gain that confidence using reliable and quick results offered by modern practices in your orthodontic office.

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