Discomfort Associated With Partial Dentures in Reno NV Calls for a Dental Appointment

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Dentist

Removable Partial Dentures in Reno NV, also called a removable bridge, consist of one or more false teeth that replace missing natural teeth. They are adhered to a plastic base that is the color of the patient’s gums, making these teeth look entirely natural. The bridge is attached to other teeth in the mouth by tiny connecting devices. It can be removed for cleaning, which is usually accomplished by soaking it in a container while the person sleeps.

The denture may feel uncomfortable or odd at first, but the patient will become used to it over time and forget that he or she is even wearing it. However, some patients continue to experience discomfort while wearing a bridge or develop discomfort later on. Dentists want these patients to know that this is not inevitable or acceptable. Anyone who has developed this problem should schedule an appointment with their dental practitioner to resolve the issue.

In some cases, a bridge eventually does not fit well because the gum shape changes due to the loss of teeth. Without natural or artificial teeth roots implanted in the bone, the bone tends to shrink a bit as the years go by. The gum also may recede a bit as the person ages. In addition, if the individual has ever been lazy about soaking the bridge overnight or for several hours during the day, it can change shape as it dries out. These false teeth are intended to stay moist at all times.

An adjustment to the Partial Dentures in Reno NV or a replacement will be necessary to regain a comfortable fit. If gum disease has caused receding of the tissue, the dentist can provide advice on how to correct the problem if it is not yet severe. Generally, flossing the remaining natural teeth every day and brushing at least twice a day prevents gum disease and corrects the early stages of the disorder. If a bridge no longer fits properly, seeing a dentist at a clinic such as Sparks Dental is important for preventing further problems. A loose bridge that rubs on the gums can cause sores and pain. Those sores may become infected.

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