The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings in Marion, IA

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Dentist

As much as most people fear their dentists, dental cleanings cannot be put off and must be performed at least once a year. Not only do these keep your teeth and gums healthy but they also provide dentists an opportunity to assess the overall health of your mouth. Although not for completely invalid reasons, people often fear going to the dentist and this fear may cause them to avoid visiting them for a long time. However, most of these fears are completely in the mind as nearly all dental procedures cause no discomfort at all, much less any actual pain. In addition, dentists are looking for more than just dirty teeth and gums.


Left to grow worse, a cavity becomes deeper and deeper in a tooth, eventually reaching the root. Once a cavity caused by sweets and other corrosives in the mouth has reached the gums, you can no longer get away with a simple filling. Instead, dentists must resort to root canals to avoid serious infections in the tooth, gums, and even jaw. Dental cleanings in Marion, IA allow dentists at facilities such as Lindale Dental Care to catch cavities before they get that far. With the help of these cleanings, you can get fillings in less than an hour and return your teeth to their beautiful original state with fewer frustrations.


Most people consider braces similar to a death sentence, but new advancements in technology now allow people to adjust their teeth without the bulky metal attachments. Invisalign and other products produce the same result without the unnecessary frustration of traditional braces. Dental cleanings allow dentists to watch your teeth as you grow and develop and they use the information they learn from these cleanings to determine whether or not you need an orthodontist. With their help, you can cut years off the correction process and enjoy a beautiful straight smile for life.

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