What to Determine Before Choosing Invisalign Dentists in Austin TX

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Dentist

Invisalign Dentists in Austin TX use computer-aided design software that, from the virtual model of the patient’s dental arches, models all processing steps, from the initial position of the teeth to their final position. These models are then used to make a series of transparent and customized gutters. Each of these gutters will cause a small dental displacement and must be worn day and night for about two weeks. It is then replaced by the next set, and so on until the teeth have reached the desired position.

What are the main advantages of the Invisalign method?

Discretion, for one. Invisalign gutters are transparent so patients can follow their treatment without anyone noticing it. Hygiene and comfort are two other advantages. With the gutters being removable, folks can continue to eat and drink whatever they want during treatment. And as they remove them to brush his or her teeth, they can continue to keep up good oral hygiene practices. These gutters do not have metal wires or rings that can cause irritation. What’s more awesome is that patients spend less time with their practitioner since there is no adjustment to make. The system allows individuals to visualize their treatment virtually before they even begin to see what their teeth look like once they are straightened.

How are the gutters manufactured?

The gutters are made of polycarbonate, a transparent plastic that is very resistant and used often in medicine. They are virtually invisible when worn. Invisalign Dentists in Austin TX like this treatment because of its ease of comfort for the patient. Invisalign trays are transparent and resemble the thermoformable gutters used in teeth whitening kits, except that they are perfectly adapted to your teeth in order to move them into their final spot. Some specialists refer to it as “dental contact lenses”.

Is this a new method of straightening teeth?

For years, orthodontists have been using removable devices for limited orthodontic treatments. Today, thanks to computer-aided design (CAD) technology and the mass production of custom-made devices (gutters), Invisalign can treat a wider range of clinical cases with greater precision. For more information, visit today.

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