What to Expect From Your Tooth Extraction in Suffolk County NY

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Dentist

Getting a tooth pulled can be stressful, especially if a person has never gone through the process before. Knowing what to expect from the process will help to set a person’s mind at ease and make them feel more comfortable and less nervous. With this information, individuals will know what to expect as they go through a tooth extraction in Suffolk County, NY.

How to Prepare

Before the tooth is extracted, the patient needs to make sure they discuss all health conditions and medications with their dentist. Some medicines may need to be stopped before the procedure and immediately after, so the risk of bleeding is reduced.

On the day of the extraction, it is wise for a person to eat a light meal and stay hydrated. Most patients will merely need a local anesthetic to remove their tooth unless the root is deep or the process will be complicated.

What Can Patients Expect?

The numbing agent will first be administered, so the patient does not feel any discomfort as their tooth is being worked on by the dentist. Once the patient is entirely numb, the dentist will start the tooth extraction in Suffolk County, NY.

During the extraction, the patient should feel no pain but may feel some degree of pressure as the tooth is pulled from the socket. In some cases, the tooth may need to be removed in pieces, depending on the size and depth of the roots.

Once the tooth has been extracted, the dentist will decide on allowing the socket to heal on its own or suture it closed. If stitches are used, the dentist will use the kind that dissolves over time, so the patient does not have to come back to have them removed.

If you are in need of dental services for a tooth extraction, call the office of Business Name. Allow them to schedule your appointment right away so your tooth can be safely taken care of in the dental office. The dentist will make sure your tooth is removed with as little discomfort and healing time as possible.

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