Gum Disease Treatment in Adelaide: Options

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Dental Care

Gingivitis or periodontitis is a serious condition, but luckily, it is preventable and curable. If you have it right now, you can reverse the damage, as long as it hasn’t progressed to the late stages. Therefore, gum disease treatment in Adelaide is essential.

Plaque and tartar build up on the teeth over time, and routine cleanings remove it. However, if you haven’t gone to the dentist or have other medical issues that cause tartar to build up faster, you may find that your gums get irritated. They can pull away from your teeth, which creates pockets perfect for bacteria to form. Infection can quickly set in and cause a variety of issues.

Gum disease treatment in Adelaide utilises a deep cleaning called scaling and planing, which forces water down into the gums to remove the bacteria and debris. In most cases, you get a shot of anaesthetic to numb the area. Once complete, the periodontist may inject antibiotics into the area to help promote healing and kill off any bacteria that remain. The goal is to prevent gum infections and periodontitis from returning, so you may need this deep cleaning more than once. However, when everything is back to normal, you can go back to regular cleanings.

At National Periodontics, they realise that many adults in Australia suffer from gum disease. While it may start with slight bleeding or a strange taste in the mouth, it’s imperative that you get help soon. You can reverse the damage of gingivitis and early stages of periodontitis, so it’s best to consider your options now and start working toward a healthier mouth. Seeking treatments now may also prevent tooth loss and other issues, as well. Gum disease treatment in Adelaide is the perfect solution to stopping gum disease and preventing it in the future.

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