Helpful Details About Teeth Whitening in Murfreesboro TN

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Dentist

Stained, discolored teeth can alter a person’s smile, and, in turn, entire appearance. To rectify this dental fault, many people choose to undergo Teeth Whitening in Murfreesboro TN. Doing this can brighten a smile and enhance an individual’s image as well as self-confidence. The following details will give insight into this dental procedure.

The Origin of Tooth Discoloration

The source of tooth discoloration can come from internal factors or surface influences. The two main types of tooth discoloration are extrinsic stains and intrinsic stains. Extrinsic imperfections are caused by stains on the outer layer of the tooth, or the enamel. These stains can develop when the enamel comes into contact with drinks such as coffee, soft drinks, and red wine in addition to tobacco usage. The internal tissue of a tooth is called dentin. Discoloration to the dentin can occur from situations such as overexposure to fluoride; tetracycline use in young children and expectant mothers; and damage to teeth in young children.

Solutions for Tooth Stains

Many people choose to fix tooth stains by using tooth whitening products. Numerous tooth whitening products are available over-the-counter. However, in-office Teeth Whitening in Murfreesboro TN allows a patient to have it done by trained specialists using the most modern equipment and strongest whitening agents. When tooth whitening is performed, teeth can be restored to their natural color or even lighter.

How Tooth Whitening Works

The process for whitening teeth involves either using carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide (both bleaches). These agents work to break down discoloration patches and stains into smaller elements. The smaller these pieces become, the less noticeable they are. Less concentration of tooth stains and discoloration equates to whiter, brighter teeth. It can take more than one treatment for teeth to display a more attractive smile. Numerous factors are taken into account before whitening is done so a person can have reasonable expectations.

Getting teeth whitened can be an exciting experience. This treatment lasts for a significant amount of time and is cost-effective. For information on this dental procedure, please talk to a dental expert at Ascent Dental. The team of dental experts at this practice pride themselves on offering services that include cleanings, dental prevention techniques, cosmetic dentistry, periodontal disease treatment, and oral surgery. Like us Facebook.

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