What Process Is Necessary For Conducting Dental Practice Sales In California?

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Dentist

In California, existing dental practice owners wish to relocate during the course of their careers. These relocations require them to place their practice on the market to acquire a new practice. Local brokers could help them with these dental practice sales in California more effectively.

Choosing to List the Property

When the owner chooses to list the property, they should schedule a meeting with a broker. The broker conducts market research for the practice and its location. They help the owner identify the best selling price for the practice. They also identify the most effective strategies for marketing the property to potential buyers.

Identifying All Inclusions for the Sale

The owner should determine what items are included in the sale. For most practice owners, they may choose to sell any fixture that is installed permanently. This may include the dental chairs that are drilled into the flooring. This could reduce the potential for property damage if they chose to remove them. It could also increase the selling price based on the market price for these existing fixtures.

Defining a Price Range

The price range for the property reflects the lowest acceptable price and the highest price possible for the practice. The broker utilizes this range to market the property to potential buyers. This could help the practice owner acquire some leverage when multiple buyers are interested in the property. It could also help them maximize their profits when the property sells.

The Terms of the Sales Contract

The terms of the sales contract reflect what is expected of each party. This includes the down payment in which the buyer will provide for the property. It also defines who pays the closing costs. Any provisions requested by the seller or buyer are also included. This could include what party repairs any issues discovered during the inspection.

In California, existing dental practice owners need assistance when they place their property up for sale. They should consider the advantages available when they choose to utilize a broker for these purposes. A broker could open the door to a wider market of buyers. Practice owners who wish to start dental practice sales in California should visit website for more information.

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