Get The Dental Implants You Need To Replace Your Teeth In Annapolis

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Dental

Dental problems can crop up when patients least expect them, often even when they take good care of their teeth at home. Even with the most rigorous brushing and flossing a patient can develop cavities over time. This can often be due to poor nutrition, bad immune systems, illness, or even issues with the items in their diets. Regardless of how well the patient takes care of their teeth, the enamel can break down over time and risk the nerves inside them getting exposed and infected. When this happens, the most common treatment is tooth extraction.

A tooth extraction will usually be followed up by procedures involving Dental Implants Annapolis, to replace the original tooth and restore the patient’s bite and smile. Dental implants serve the same purpose as normal teeth but are artificially made to be more durable and longer lasting. They are comprised of a porcelain tooth top, anchored to the jaw with a metal rod that is implanted directly into the bone. When a dentist performs a tooth extraction, the tooth’s roots will leave large holes in the jaw where they once resided. If the patient is receiving a dental implant, the dentist will perform a bone graft to fill in these holes, making it easier for the Dental Implants Annapolis to anchor down into the jaw properly.

The anchor itself, once seated into the bone grafted area, will act as the original root did and promote bone growth when chewing. The movement of chewing with teeth actually moves the tooth around, constantly causing the bone to be excited and promote new bone growth around the root to help secure it in place. Dental implant anchors simulate this as well, keeping the bone healthy underneath the implant as the patient chews. In most cases, a dental implant can last a lifetime, if not longer unless the porcelain begins to chip due to damage. Dental implants often make better replacements than bridges and dentures, for their longevity and their durability. For more information, Visit the site and learn how helpful an implant can be for replacing one or more teeth.

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