What Patients Should Know About Dental Bridges In Newark, NJ

by | May 24, 2017 | Dentistry

In New Jersey, dental patients could use dental bridges to replace their missing teeth. These appliances are created from a mold of the patient’s teeth and gums when possible. These molds are used to recreate the smile prior to any tooth damage. They are available as a permanent installation or a removable appliance. The following is information about Dental Bridges in Newark NJ.

How are Dental Bridges Installed?

Permanent dental bridges require the patient to undergo a surgical procedure. The dentist installs a crown at the end of each section of the bridge. The crowns are installed through the grinding of the natural tooth into a cone shape. The crown is connected to the bridge to secure it. The dentist uses titanium roots to secure the midsection of the bridge.

What are the Benefits of These Bridges?

The bridges are connected permanently. They will perform just like natural teeth. They won’t present the patient with an unnatural smile. They won’t slip or fall out of the mouth. This eliminates any possible embarrassing moments for the patient. They acquire natural looking teeth without the same issues as dentures.

Why are They Considered Instead of Dentures?

Dentures are a great solution for missing teeth. However, they are appropriate when the patient is missing all their teeth. Bridges can be used when this is the case; however, most patients acquire them for sections only. The bridges are also created with more durable materials than dentures.

Are There Any Potential Issues Related to These Installations?

After the initial installation, the patient will experience some swelling and discomfort. They are at risk for a possible infection. Dentists provide the patient with painkillers and antibiotics to manage these issues. However, if more complex side effects arise, the patient should contact their dental professional now.

In New Jersey, dental patients acquire dental bridges as a better solution to tooth loss than dentures. These opportunities can provide them with a full restoration of their smile. These devices provide them with natural-looking teeth that restore function such as proper speech and chewing. Patients who need to acquire Dental Bridges in Newark NJ contact ChildSmilesFamilySmiles or Browse the website for more information now.

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