The Importance of a Child Visiting General Dentists in Mitchellville, MD

General dentists are the men and women who perform cleanings, deep cleanings, cavity excavations, and more on your teeth. It is their duty to help you keep your oral hygiene at a good level and to ensure you reach a ripe old age without the need for dentures or implants. This type of health can only be started when a person is very young, however, as good habits are more difficult to develop as an adult, so you should bring your children to the dentist at least once annually to help create those habits now.


It can surprise some parents to learn that cavities and poor dental hygiene can move from baby teeth onto adult teeth, leaving them weak and in poor health from the start. General dentists in Mitchellville, MD work hard to catch cavities early and to treat them before the adult teeth coming in behind the baby teeth can be affected. This will help your children to grow into their teens with strong, healthy teeth.

Gum Disease

It is during childhood that sweets are more commonly consumed, especially around the months of Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. General dentistry in Mitchellville, MD is designed in part to help children fight the gum disease that can develop over time if teeth and gums are not properly maintained. The men and women behind this service want to see children grow up with strong teeth, and gum disease is one of the most preventable causes of tooth loss.

Wisdom Teeth

The last molars to drop through the gum line and enter the mouth, these are teeth considered wholly unnecessary and are often removed. General dentists work hard to catch the problems these teeth cause, most often by coming in crooked, early enough for extraction. Catching them early and having them removed can help to avoid a host of teeth and gum problems later on in the future.