What Are The Benefits Of A Cosmetic Dentist In Port St. Lucie?

In Florida, patients visit cosmetic dentists when they want to improve the way their smile looks. These aesthetic services can eliminate unwanted conditions such as stains. They can also address issues that could hinder the patient’s self-confidence. The following are details about the benefits of a Cosmetic Dentist in Port St. Lucie.

Elimination of Tooth Enamel Discoloration

The cosmetic dentist has two options for addressing tooth discoloration. If the stains are minor, they could use tooth whitening treatments. These options involve the application of a peroxide solution to lift away the stains and make the smile whiter. However, if the patient has stains due to smoking or certain medications, the patient will need veneers to cover the exterior of the tooth enamel to correct the discoloration.

Correcting Simple Alignment Issues

Simple alignment issues are corrected with veneers. The veneers are used to reshape the teeth and eliminate the alignment issue. The dentist can apply the veneer and make the tooth more proportionate and the same length as surrounding teeth. This solution is idyllic for alignment issues that involve only a few teeth that don’t require braces.

Improving the Aesthetics of the Teeth

The cosmetic treatments can improve the way the teeth look. The cosmetic dentist can also install crowns to cover the entire tooth. These products are beneficial when a tooth has been restructured more than once. The dentist creates the crowns based on a 3-D image that corrects the appearance of the tooth.

Replacing Missing Teeth

The dentist can also provide devices such as dental implants to replace missing teeth. These devices are installed into the jawbone through the tooth socket. These devices won’t present patients with the same hindrances as removable dentures or bridges. They are created to look more natural and hard to detect.

In Florida, patients visit cosmetic dentists to correct any aesthetic concerns they have. The services provide them with a more proportionate smile that is whiter and stain-free. The dentists can reshape the teeth to look more aesthetically pleasing and increase the patient’s self-confidence. Patients who need the services of a Cosmetic Dentist in Port St. Lucie visit  for more information now.