Dental Practice Sales in California Lead To Fun Facts About Dentistry

After graduating dental school and getting ready to set up shop with a new clinic, it may be fun to engage in some lighthearted trivia fun. Here are some fun facts to chew on before engaging in dental practice sales in California.

  *     The average can of soda pop has 10-12 teaspoons of sugar. This is horrible for the health of the teeth and is a good reason to avoid soda altogether. If it simply cannot be lived without, make sure to brush or at least rinse when finished drinking it. This goes a long way towards preventing cavities and other dental ills. Experts state that people who drink 3 or more glasses of soda per day experience tooth decay 62% more frequently than those who do not.

  *     Crocodiles may not brush their teeth, but they do have a unique way to ensure their teeth stay clean. A bird known as the Crocodile Bird actually flies into the mouth of the crocodile and eats the food that is stuck between the teeth of the crocodile. Kind of cool but kind of gross all at the same time!

  *     Americans spend, on average, 38 days over the course of their lifetime brushing their teeth. This is certainly time well spent keeping those pearly whites nice and clean! It’s also time well spent looking into getting a new dental clinic via dental practice sales in California.

  *     The Blue Whale may be the biggest mammal on the planet, but it’s merely a toothless behemoth. That’s right, these species of whales have no teeth and therefore can only eat tiny plankton and shrimp. So Pinocchio really had nothing to worry about after all!

  *     Bones are not the hardest thing in the body of a human. This bragging right actually belongs to tooth enamel. Even though it is super hard it still must be taken care of, so no opening beer bottles with your teeth at parties.

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