Visit a Dentist in West Covina for a Healthy Smile

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Dentist

While having pearly whites can certainly boost attractiveness, teeth and gums impact more than your appearance. Oral health has been linked to a number of diseases and conditions. Numerous studies have shown maintaining a healthy smile can improve your chances of better overall wellness. By visiting a Dentist in West Covina, problems affecting the teeth and gums can be corrected before they become major issues.

Eliminate Bite Problems with Dental Implants

For patients who are missing teeth, dental implants are a smart investment that provides greater convenience than partials. Not only do implants improve your smile, they also prevent teeth from shifting, which can cause bite problems and pain. A full set of teeth lets you chew and digest food properly, and it can improve enunciation for better communication. The entire process can take a couple months due to healing time after the implant has been inserted.

Improve Oral Health with Braces

Although orthodontic treatments are beneficial for all ages, getting braces early in life can prevent a number of oral health issues. Crooked teeth or a jaw that isn’t properly aligned make it difficult to clean the mouth effectively. This can lead to unnecessary gum disease and tooth decay. Left untreated, patients with misaligned teeth can experience a number of problems including chewing and digestion troubles, abnormal tooth wear, and speech issues. Eventually, excess strain on the gums and bones can even cause neck and facial pain or headaches.

Avoid Periodontal Surgery with an Advanced Cleaning

When the space between your teeth and gums becomes filled with plaque, tartar, and bacteria, this damage can cause gingivitis. Although some cases of gingivitis can be resolved with regular cleanings, advanced stages require a process known as scaling and root planing. For this technique, a Dentist in West Covina numbs the mouth before excess buildup is removed around the gum line. Scaling is usually performed on one area of the mouth at a time, and special rinses may be recommended to promote healing. This treatment causes the gum pockets to heal so periodontal surgery is not necessary.

If you’re experiencing pain or troubles with your teeth and gums, Dr. Bhatt and associates can provide a number of healthy treatment approaches. To learn more about their practice and the procedures they offer, Visit the Site today.

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