All of What is Involved in a Single Tooth Replacement in Nassau County NY

No one wants to go around with a less than perfect smile. Dingy, yellow teeth are a turn-off, and so are mouths where teeth are missing. If a lot of teeth are missing, people usually consider getting partials (or full dentures, if all the teeth are missing). However, dentures and partials are not always that comfortable or reliable. To ensure that the tooth or teeth replaced are as near to the real teeth as possible, people opt for implants. An implant is perfect for someone who may just need a single tooth replaced. There is a dentistry that does single tooth replacement in Nassau County NY. Here is what is involved.

A single tooth replacement usually involves getting a dental implant. This implant will be in place of the natural tooth and root. Patients find it beneficial to use dental implants to replace a tooth, instead of other options. For one thing, a dental implant adds to the health of the existing teeth. With a dental implant, the bone in the gums are preserved better, also. The implant will merge with the jawbone, making for a better seal of the bone.

The procedure involves placing the implant into the space where the missing tooth was. For anywhere from 60 days to 180 days, the implant and the bone fuse together. In the second step, the implant is exposed, and an extension is attached. The gums will heal after two weeks, and a crown will be fitted over the implant on a small, metal post. The tooth will be so natural-looking, it will be nearly impossible to tell it from the natural teeth. This is the basic process of replacing a single tooth by an implant.

Queens Dental Professionals have been providing dental solutions to patients in the Queens and Nassau County areas for over 24 years. In addition to single tooth replacement, other dental services include, but are not limited to, Invisalign clear braces, smile facelifts, dentures, general family dentistry, and full mouth reconstruction. If anyone needs a single tooth replacement in Nassau County NY, they are available.