Using Oral Health Care in Loveland, CO To Keep Teeth White

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Dentist

When someone suffers from stained teeth, they will most likely want to reverse this process to improve their appearance. Practicing proper oral health care in Loveland CO will help in keeping the teeth as white as possible. Here are some steps one can do in an attempt to have whiter teeth.

Some people find that rubbing the inner portion of a strawberry across their teeth while actually brighten their appearance. The malic acid in strawberries will naturally whisk away surface stains when it comes into contact with the teeth. The inside of a banana peel is also a natural method one can try to minimize surface stains on teeth.

It is best to avoid eating foods or drinks that stain the teeth. Wine, coffee, and tea tend to leave behind darkened areas on the teeth. If someone wishes to consume one of these beverages, drinking it from a straw can be helpful. This will help them to keep the substance away from the surfaces of the teeth, helping to keep additional staining from occurring as a result.

Many people will turn to the use of over-the-counter whitening products. While these types of products claim to be helpful in brightening teeth, they will also be damaging to the enamel layer on them in the process. Because of this risk, it is a better idea to see a dentist beforehand. They will do an evaluation of the teeth to determine if they are healthy enough to ward off the damage sometimes possible with these products. If the enamel is at risk, the dentist will be able to whiten the teeth in their office instead. This is done with a bleaching procedure. If bleaching is not possible, the areas can be covered with white veneers or crowns instead.

If someone is in need of Oral Health Care in Loveland CO, and they would like a dentist to evaluate the condition of their teeth to determine what whitening processes may be helpful, they can call a professional in their area.

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