Things to Know Before Getting Dentures in Bullitt County KY

No one wants to imagine their mouth without teeth, but for many people, this becomes a reality. Gum disease is the most common reason for tooth loss in adults. Severe decay or injury may also cause tooth loss. Missing teeth can be replaced, however. Dentures in Bullitt County KY are a popular option for replacing for lost teeth. Modern dentures are comfortable and look very realistic. There are a few things everyone should know before getting dentures.

Fit Is Important

No two mouths are alike. Mouths come in different shapes and sizes. This is why it is especially important to make sure dentures are fitted properly. When sizing dentures, the dentist will use a mold of the patient’s mouth as a guide. However, this doesn’t mean the dentures will be a perfect fit as soon as they arrive. Instead, the dentist will carefully work with the patient to create a snug fit. If the dentures feel painful or uncomfortable, they most likely need to be altered. Continue visiting the dentist for adjustments until the dentures are comfortable to wear.

Time Is of the Essence

Anyone who wants to replace their missing teeth with dentures in Bullitt County KY should do so as quickly as possible. This is because the bone erosion begins as soon as the teeth are extracted. Over time, the jaw will become smaller. This is why people without teeth have a sunken appearance. Dentures fill the empty space and effectively prevent excessive bone loss.

Regular Care Is a Must

Just like natural teeth, dentures require daily care. Dentures are not a permanent structure, and they can be removed from the patient’s mouth. Many people choose to remove their dentures in the evening before bed. Dentists recommend lightly brushing dentures at least once a day. There are also overnight soaks that can be used to further clean and disinfect the dentures.

Anyone who desires to replace missing teeth with realistic dentures needs to speak with a local dentist. Hillview Family Dentistry offers dentures, along with other types of cosmetic procedures. Just because someone needs to have teeth pulled doesn’t mean they can’t still have a beautiful smile.