Seeing An Emergency Dentist In Alexandria VA

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Dentist

When someone has the misfortune of having a tooth knocked out if its socket, they will want to see an Emergency Dentist in Alexandria VA in an attempt to have it replaced. If the tooth is preserved properly and the injured party can get to the dentist immediately, there are better chances in saving the tooth.

It is important to wash the tooth off after it hits the floor. This will remove any bacteria from the tooth’s surface. Do not touch the roots as they could become deteriorated, making it hard to do a replacement as a result. Make sure to stop the drain of the sink when rinsing the tooth.

The tooth may be able to be placed back into the socket for safekeeping until the person gets to the dentist. In some instances however, this will not be feasible. If the gums are too inflamed or if there is substantial pain, the person will need to place the tooth in an appropriate liquid so the roots do not dry while waiting to see an emergency dentist. Milk is the best liquid to use for this purpose. It is not a good idea to put the tooth in water as there may be harmful minerals in the liquid that can do damage to the root area of the tooth.

If there is no container or milk available for use, the person can try putting the tooth in between their inner cheek and other teeth. It will be necessary to make an effort not to swallow the tooth if this manner is used. Making a call to the emergency dentist is best so they are aware of the situation. This way someone will be available to take the patient in for an evaluation immediately.

Finding an Emergency Dentist in Alexandria VA is not that difficult. Simply give a call to a reputable facility in the area or look at more info here. Browse the website and make a call to the phone number supplied on the homepage if desired. Someone will be waiting for the arrival of the patient in an attempt to save the tooth.

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