Questions About Family Dentistry In Midwest City, OK

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Dental

In Oklahoma, family dentists perform services to correct adverse conditions for the entire family. They provide services ranging from pediatric to geriatric. They reduce the odds of developing cavities and damage. The following are answers to vital questions about Family Dentistry in Midwest City OK.

Why is Sedation Used for Children?

It is used to control the child’s behavior during the procedure. Dental visits present anxiety for some children. These occurrences lead to potential injuries if the child doesn’t remain calm and still during treatments. This practice doesn’t involve a local anesthetic. The dentist provides a treatment that makes the child groggy, and they rest during the procedure.

What are the Different Types of X-Rays Used?

Dentists use standard and digital x-rays for patients. The digital x-rays reduce the patient’s exposure to radiation. They are used to assess ongoing conditions such as periodontal disease. Dentists acquire standard x-rays once a year typically.

When Do Parents Schedule Their Child’s First Exam?

Parents schedule a first-time dental appointment for their child after their first tooth erupts through the gums. The dentist monitors the eruption of all baby teeth and monitors the development of adult teeth. Parents shouldn’t wait beyond the child’s first birthday to schedule the appointment.

Why are Digital Scanners Used by Dentists?

Digital scanners are used to create exact models of the patient’s teeth. They eliminate the need for tray molds. The dentist produces an impression of the patient’s teeth for creating crowns, bridges, and dental implants. The digital models are sent to a lab expeditiously and reduce the patient’s waiting time.

Why are Fluoride Treatments Used?

Fluoride treatments are used for children who are at a higher risk of cavities. These children aren’t acquiring adequate fluoride levels through diet or their water supply. The treatments create a higher level of protection against decay.

In Oklahoma, family dental professionals offer services to make children and adults more comfortable. They evaluate conditions that emerge and provide early detection services. The services alleviate pain and discomfort caused by existing damage and unfortunate circumstances. Patients that need Family Dentistry in Midwest City OK Visit the website for more details.

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