Common Questions Answered By An Emergency Dentist In Providence, RI

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Dental

In Rhode Island, dental patients address emergent situations by visiting their dentist. Among the most common conditions that require emergency services are impacted wisdom teeth and sudden pain or infection. The following are common questions about these services answered by an emergency dentist in Providence RI.

What is Defined as Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any circumstances related to the teeth and gum in which the patient cannot manage on their own. The most common symptoms attributed to a dental emergency are severe pain or discomfort, swelling, and infection. Any infection or pain following a wisdom tooth extraction is deemed emergent and could become life-threatening.

Why Should the Patient Receive Emergency Care for a Chipped Tooth?

While some chips don’t produce excessive pain, they require immediate attention. Any exposure of the nerve or interior of the tooth leads to bacterial growth. Once bacteria enters the tooth, it is at a greater risk of damage. These conditions increase the odds of decay and often lead to a root canal if they aren’t managed quickly.

What is an Indemnity Basis?

An indemnity basis implies that the dentist isn’t restricted to certain dental insurance policies only. They accept all types of insurance. The dental professional’s staff contacts the insurer to acquire the price for co-pays and deductibles required. They identify the full value owed to their practice for specific services needed by the patient. The patient must pay any balance that isn’t covered by their insurance when the services are performed. However, select dentists offer payment options.

Are Dental Surgeries Available on an Emergency Basis?

Two primary surgeries are available on an emergency basis. They are wisdom tooth extractions and root canals. The dental professional performs these surgeries to prevent pain or the loss of a tooth. They also provide treatment for a dry socket after the wisdom tooth surgery as needed.

In Rhode Island, dental emergencies lead to tooth loss if they aren’t handled appropriately. Common occurrences are chipped, broken, and dislodged teeth. Wisdom teeth issues also require immediate treatment. Patients who need the help of an Emergency Dentist in Providence RI get more information here today.

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