Options for Dental Implants in Keizer OR

Dental implants in Keizer OR can be done using a variety of techniques and products. Mini implants require no surgery, stitches, or healing time. They are quick, efficient, and minimally invasive. They are also not appropriate for all situations. One use, for example, is to hold dentures in place. Dentures are custom made for the mouth, so they already conform to contours and indentations. The implant does not have to be very stable in order to eliminate the need for adhesives. In that case, a mini implant is perfect.

Another option is not really an implant at all, but a bridge that can be attached to the teeth at either end of the gap. It can be taken out, much like dentures, to be cleaned. The bridge fills in the spaces left behind by a missing tooth, or teeth, so eating and speaking are easier. The issues with removable bridges include the increased potential for decay and infection of the gum, shifting and grinding of the surrounding teeth if the patient removes the bridge for sleeping, and the possibility of the bridge becoming damaged or lost.

The best dental implants in Keizer OR are still traditional ones that require time and a surgical procedure. They are the most stable, the best functioning, and provide a more realistic look and feel. Surgical, dental implants are designed to last, fuse with the jaw bone for maximum stability, and are less likely to develop complications over time. A complete examination and a full assessment are needed to determine if a patient is a candidate for surgical implants. When discussing implants with the dentist, patients need to provide a complete medical history that includes any current medications or conditions, allergies, and any artificial joints present in the body.

The procedure is done in stages, starting with a titanium post surgically placed within the jaw bone. That is allowed to heal for up to six months so the post can fuse into the bone. An abutment is then attached to the post, followed by the custom made a crown of the bridge. Patients ca go to Sitename for details on the complete process, and to watch an educational video about surgical implants.