Important Facts about TMJ Syndrome and How a Dentist in Egg Harbor Township NJ can Help

The majority of people have heard about TMJ syndrome before. However, there are quite a few misconceptions about this due to the misinformation that is out there. While a Dentist in Egg Harbor Township NJ can fill in patients, some of the information here will also help a person better understand this common jaw issue.

TMJ actually stands for Temporomandibular joint. This refers to the joint that connects the lower jaw to the temporal bones located on the skull. Everyone has two TMJ joints that will work together as a unit. There is one in front of each of the ears. This TMJ joint works similar to a sliding hinge, which helps to move the jaw up and down.

When issues arise with this joint, they are often just called TMJ. However, temporomandibular disorders, or TMD, is a much more accurate name for it. TMD is a condition that is not well understood but usually results in severe pain near and around the jaw. The condition can affect a person’s ability to chew well, speak properly and even make a number of facial expressions. In many cases, it can even affect a person’s breathing.

TMD can be caused by a number of different factors. This includes lower and upper teeth that are misaligned, teeth grinding issues, jaw injuries, arthritis, and stress. Some of the most common symptoms of this disorder include grinding, clicking, popping noises while chewing. Other symptoms can include issues opening and closing the mouth, pain or tenderness near the joint and a locked jaw.

Almost 12 percent of all people in the US have been affected by TMD and it is a condition that is more common in women, than in men. Calling a Dentist in Egg Harbor Township NJ will help determine if this is the condition that is present. Take some time to look at more info to learn about when it is time to get help. Calling the dentist when symptoms are seen will help ensure that the best treatment is received. Treatment should not be put off since it will only get worse as time passes.