Let Experienced Dentists in Kaneohe Fix Those Teeth

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Dentistry

A toothache can be one of the most aggravating pains that a person can deal with. Unfortunately, many people avoid the actual cause of a toothache until the damage to the tooth makes salvaging it extremely difficult. Thankfully, the dentists in Kaneohe have a variety of procedures that can help such as drilling away any damaged dentin and filling in the void or capping the tooth with a porcelain crown. However, some cavities can go deep into the root of the tooth and this can cause complications. The dentist will need to remove the pulp, the portion of the tooth that contains the nerve and blood supply, before applying a crown.

Extremely damaged teeth may not be salvageable. In this instance, the dentist will need to extract them. However, extracting a tooth causes other issues. For instance, the remaining teeth will slowly shift position resulting in a crooked smile and loose teeth. The solution is much easier than people realize. Dental implants are a type of replacement tooth that is secure and stable. The actual implant is an artificial root made from an inert material such as titanium. There are two types of studs that can be used. The first is stronger because the anchor is thick. However, this type of implant requires minor surgery so the anchor can be inserted into the jawbone. The other implant uses a thin stud and the process begins with the dentist creating a small hole in the gum and bone tissue. Once the implant has healed, it will be covered with a porcelain crown.

Some of the most common procedures performed by dentists in Kaneohe are for appearance. Cosmetic procedures such as dental whitening and veneers can make a smile beautiful. Whitening the teeth is a simple task where the dentist covers the teeth with a peroxide solution. The peroxide removes stains in about thirty minutes and the result should last for weeks. Veneers are an easy fix for several dental problems. For example, a veneer can hide crooked teeth, misshapen teeth, and severely stained teeth. The veneer is a thin porcelain shell that fits over the front or visible portion of the teeth. Modern procedures do not require much shaping of the teeth and some veneers can be placed in one or two office visits. Contact us to learn more about tooth repair and smile improvement.

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