Implants Through a Family Dentistry in Trumbull CT

People who have lost a tooth should consider the placement of a dental implant. Many people do not consider this, mainly because of its price. However, a local Family Dentistry in Trumbull CT could work with each patient individually to ensure they get the help they desire.

Why choose implantation?

Implants are preferable to traditional bridges and crowns because they are not simply cemented to the jaw. They also avoid alignment or pain-associated problems that other dental reconstruction techniques can cause. Finally, bridges and crowns placed on an implant will not move, will not slip, which saves the patient from experiencing all sorts of problems. Dental implants are usually more expensive than traditional alternatives, simply because they represent the most viable solution when it comes to remedying tooth loss.

Types of implants

There are mainly two types of implants: endosteal and subperiosteal. The first is called endosteal. It is implanted directly in the jaw and holds one or more teeth in place.

The other type is called subperiosteal. This implant is a metal base placed on the jaw under the gums. The pillars project from the gums to support the prosthesis. This type is not very common but can be used for patients with a low or shallow jaw.

To be able to receive an implant, the patient must have strong, healthy gums and a jaw capable of supporting and maintaining the implant. Frequent visits to a local Family Dentistry in Trumbull CT and impeccable oral hygiene are absolutely necessary for proper maintenance of long-term implants (no more forgetting to brush your teeth).


There are many benefits to dental implants. This is a permanent solution to dental loss. It is a more durable and stable process than alternatives such as dentures (which are lost, changed over time), traditional crowns or bridges, which can interfere with speech or chewing.

Implants are more comfortable, more natural and more aesthetic, which can help people feel better about themselves. Their practicality is a huge advantage, as they do not degrade, do not have to be washed or held in place by adhesives. Visit our website for more details or contact a local dentist today.