Implant Dentistry Services: The Best Option When Front Teeth Are Knocked Out

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Dentist

Even when people try their best to avoid trauma to the mouth during athletic activity, sometimes an unfortunate incident occurs and a front tooth or two is knocked out. Emergency attention from a dentist can often save the teeth, especially if they have not been completely knocked out and simply are loose. If saving a tooth is not possible, Implant Dentistry Services are available so the person can regain a natural smile.


Typically, there are three main restrictions in regard to whether someone is a suitable candidate for Implant Dentistry Services for one or two front teeth.

  • If the person is a habitual smoker or chews tobacco, these activities should be stopped for good before implants are placed. Tobacco use raises the risk that dental implants will fail. For this reason, dentists generally do not want to place implants for these patients.
  • The second restriction is for patients whose jawbone is not dense enough to support the implants. This usually is only characteristic of smokers and senior citizens who have osteoporosis that has affected the jaw. Most patients can have bone grafting done to build up the density, making them good candidates.
  • Unfortunately, many individuals who have front teeth knocked out are youngsters. Kids and young teenagers roughhouse, join in casual contact sporting play, and may not be as coordinated as older teens and adults. Dentists generally prefer to wait until a patient is 17 or 18 years old before placing implants, as it may take that long for features of the mouth to stop growing. In the meantime, those young persons may wear a bridge to replace the missing teeth.

Advantages of Implants

A practitioner such as Robert S. Ogden can provide dental implants for adult patients and teenagers as soon as they are old enough. Implants have significant advantages over bridges, so it’s better if a teen can make the switch when their growth is completed. Implants fuse with the bone, making them as secure as a normal tooth root. They have a natural look that’s similar to a person’s own teeth. Visit the website for details on this dental clinic.

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