How You Can Benefit From Veneers In Downtown Chicago

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Dental

Cosmetic dentistry is nothing new and has been around for many decades. People have always been preoccupied with having a beautiful smile that looks healthy, which is why many treatments have come available. While teeth whitening is one of the most popular, porcelain veneers in Downtown Chicago aren’t far behind. They’re highly durable and versatile and can be used to treat a variety of complaints, which is why it’s important to learn how they can benefit you.

Permanently Change Color

Teeth whitening’s caveat is that it doesn’t last forever. You will have to continue with treatments as often as necessary, which can be costly. In some cases, traditional brushing won’t get rid of the stains and neither will teeth whitening options, including Zoom. If the stains are deep enough, nothing will get rid of them, which can be embarrassing. A veneer covers that unsightly blemish and will repel future discoloration.

Fix Gaps

Another reason to consider veneers in Downtown Chicago is that it can fix small gaps between your teeth and correct minor misalignment issues. If a tooth is slightly off or looks somewhat crooked, a veneer can cover that mistake and give you the illusion of straight teeth. For severe misalignment, braces will be necessary.

Adjust Size Or Shape

Many people feel that their teeth are too short and stubby or they are elongated to the point of a gummy smile. In most of these cases, a veneer can be used to change the size or shape of the teeth without doing anything permanent. Your teeth won’t be shaved or cut, which can save a lot of time and healing power.

Veneers in Downtown Chicago are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available from Pure Dental Spa. Visit them to learn more or make an appointment.

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