Bringing A Child To A Family Dental Care Toronto

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Dental Care

When a child needs to go to a new dentist, parents may be a bit apprehensive about how they will react when a stranger looks at their teeth. Small children may be a little frightened if they do not have some advance preparation for the trip. Here are a few tips one can use to get their child ready for an appointment with a new dentist at Family Dental Care Toronto.

Inform the child ahead of time they will be meeting a new dentist instead of springing the trip on them at the last minute. It is a great idea to visit the dentist in their office at a time before the scheduled appointment. This will give the child a chance to scope out the facility in advance, gaining familiarity for their real appointment. Make sure the dentist is on hand to speak with during this tour of the office. Another idea is to have the child sit in on an appoint their parent or sibling has with the dentist. They would then get a feel for what the dentist will do and say when it comes time for their own appointment.

Talk about the appointment a few times at home. This will help the child get a sense of how long they have until the day they will be seen. Encourage them to conduct good oral hygiene skills during this time. This will help them brighten their teeth before the day of their appointment, and they might be excited to show the dentist how well they take care of their teeth as well.

When the day of the appointment comes, ask the child if they would like someone to come into the room with them. They may be confident enough to see the dentist on their own if they had prepared themselves for the trip.

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