A Dental Office In Columbus, WI an Offer Pain-Free And Outstanding Dental Treatment

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Dental Care

Many individuals are afraid to visit the dentist. The main reason is due to the fear of pain. A Dental Office Columbus WI, can offer pain-free dental care through the use of sedation dentistry. Anxiety can be eliminated by taking one pill the dentist prescribes one hour before the dental visit. Once in the office, they will be given a cozy blanket and the appropriate medication to completely eliminate the pain. Tooth removal, repair, or replacement will be performed without the anxiety and pain that many patients fear. When the procedure is complete, the patient can drive themselves home without the need for someone else to drive them.

Years ago, amalgam fillings were used for repair of cavities in a tooth. Over the years, amalgam fillings can become loose or the remaining tooth structure may begin to crack. In many instances, the dentist will recommend the tooth be repaired through the use of a crown. Crowns can now be made and installed in one visit at a dental office in Columbus, WI. A crown will be designed to match the other teeth in both shape and color. The material used in the crown will feel very similar to a natural tooth.

If a crown cannot be installed due to the limited amount of natural tooth remaining, a dental implant may be another option. A dental implant involves the installation of a titanium post in the jawbone. After approximately two weeks, healing of the jawbone and gums surrounding the post will heal. A patient will return to the dentist to have a temporary crown removed, and a permanent crown will be installed on the post. Implants are sturdy and long lasting. They can be brushed, flossed, and professionally cleaned just like a natural tooth.

Dentistry of Wisconsin involves a wide selection of dental care that can enhance an individual’s smile and improve the quality of their health. Pain and anxiety should no longer be of concern when visiting a dentist. It’s important to discuss your concerns with the dentist when having dental procedures performed. Start enjoying a great smile with a trip to a caring and compassionate dentist.

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