Woy Woy Children Dentist: Visit Them

by | May 18, 2018 | Dental Care

Your teeth are designed to last throughout your life. As a child, you lose baby teeth so that you get permanent ones. Some dentists agree that the loss of baby or milk teeth is so that kids learn how to care for their mouths before they get permanent teeth. A Woy Woy children dentist helps your child learn how to take responsibility for their smile at a young age. They understand that kids have a different physiology, which means smaller instruments must be used. They also realise that kids need to have a calming and relaxing environment.

A Woy Woy children dentist checks your child’s teeth and performs routine cleanings, just like they do for adults. However, they take special care in showing your child how to clean their teeth at home. Many times, they provide floss and toothbrushes to your child, sometimes with fun characters. These freebies are designed to get your child excited about brushing and flossing at home. They may need your help if they’re still young and you may have to supervise for many years. However, at some point, they should be able to take care of their teeth on their own.

Coastal Dental has been around for many years, and they use a holistic approach. When you first walk into the practice, their staff make you feel welcomed. They focus on being gentle and kind throughout the diagnosis and treatment phases. They talk to you and your child about what is happening and what you can expect. If something untoward has happened, such as a filling, they explain why it happened and advise your child on what to do differently next time. A Woy Woy children dentist allow you and your child to be part of the treatment process so that you all feel comfortable with what happens.

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