Wise Words From a Dentist in San Bernardino: Flossing Is a Must!

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Dental

Most people know that oral hygiene is vital when trying to maintain a state of optimal health in the mouth. Using a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and tongue cleaners are all vital to the process, but what about floss? Many patients who already use it at least once a day find that it removes all the accumulated plaque, especially in the difficult-to-reach areas. The remains of food can be stored anywhere, and electric or manual toothbrushes have a limited capacity. In fact, each Dentist in San Bernardino recommends using dental floss or interdental brushes. Although its use is increasingly widespread, people continuously commit errors when using it. What are the most common mistakes?

One of the most common mistakes when flossing is that the person does not use proper techniques. Knowing how to use floss is critical. The patient should take about 40 cm of thread and roll much of it around the middle fingers of both hands, leaving 3-5 cm of thread available for use. This small strip of floss is what people will use to floss. Once prepared, the patient must hold the floss tightly between his or her teeth and guide back and forth using delicate movements. You must start from the tip of the tooth to the gum and, when reaching this point, you have to bend the thread in the form of C and go a few millimeters below the gingival tissue. Moving back and forth, you can remove plaque effectively. This procedure is repeated the same way for all the teeth and rinse once finished. People know that it is advisable to floss, but to force his or her way through the teeth can damage the gums. There is a partial reasoning behind aggressively using floss, but one must remember that gently making zigzag movements is the best way.

And what about interdental brushes? One alternative to flossing is through interdental brushes, which are preferred by some patients. As in the previous case, errors are also evident when using interdental brushes. For instance, there is no reason to force clean, and the brushes must be the right size. The interdental brush must conform to the space between the teeth. It should be neither too loose nor too thick. Visit the Site for more info.

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