Your Wisdom Teeth Can Be Safely Removed By the Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL

The wisdom teeth are the last teeth to make an appearance in the mouth. They get their name because they typically do not emerge until a person has supposedly gained wisdom. Unfortunately, these teeth are prone to being problematic. Some people opt to have them removed as soon as they turn eighteen so they will not develop any problems. This procedure is typically performed by an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL.

Common Reasons For Wisdom Tooth Removal

There are many reasons a person might need to have their wisdom teeth removed. Ideally, they should be removed well before damage and pain begin occurring. Common reasons for removal include:

  *    Pain is a common reason for removal.

  *    In cases of gum disease, a dentist may recommend a patient have their wisdom teeth removed.

  *    A lack of space is a prime reason to have the teeth extracted.

  *    Infection can sometimes occur in these teeth and lead to the need for removal.

  *    When the wisdom teeth become impacted, they often need to be removed by the Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL.

  *    Cysts can sometimes develop in wisdom teeth roots and cause the need for oral surgery.

What Happens During Removal?

When a patient sees the surgeon for removal of their wisdom teeth, they will first be given anesthesia. This is important so they will not feel any discomfort as their teeth are removed. If a surgeon is removing all of a patient’s wisdom teeth, they will likely use a general anesthesia so the procedure is carried out as safely and comfortably as possible.

After a patient goes home to heal, it is important they rest and follow their surgeon’s instructions. A soft foods diet is important and pain medications can be used to control discomfort. Full healing usually takes two to three weeks.

If your wisdom teeth have become problematic, Browse the Site of Website. You can also call the office to schedule a consultation appointment to learn if you are a good candidate for wisdom tooth removal. With this procedure, you can say goodbye to pain and other issues that often arise when the wisdom teeth erupt.