Why You Should Find the Best Orthodontist in the Oakbrook, Illinois Area

When your dentist has told you or your children that it seems that you need correction work done in your teeth, you have to make decisions.

An orthodontist in Downers Grove deals with the specialized area of dentistry that deals with irregularities of the teeth and jaw. When being treated by an orthodontist, they will use a variety of devices to straighten teeth, fix one’s bite, and close spaces between teeth. Unfortunately, none of this is very pleasant, and there will be pain involved.

There are three levels of orthodontics:

1. The first level of orthodontics is the most obvious, which is straightening the patient’s teeth. This, for the most part, is a cosmetic issue and is designed to make the appearance of the teeth more pleasant. There are frequent exceptions.

2. The second level concerns the appearance of a patient and his or her bite. This also deals with the issue of occlusion, which concerns how the teeth fit together when the patient bites down. This work will provide for less grinding of the teeth and less risk for TMJ and receding of the gums. TMJ stands for the temporomandibular and acts like a sliding hinge. This connects your jawbone to your skull and the rest of your head.

3. The final level deals with more complicated issues. These issues relate to the jawbone alignment and the bite and how that affects the person’s appearance. It is only when the jaw and the bite align that you can have a healthy bite.

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