Why A Patient Would Need Periodontal Maintenance In Lake Worth, FL

It is important for people to do everything in their power to protect their teeth. This includes regular visits to the dentist and following the instructions prescribed. However, even in the best of conditions, some people just end up having problems with their teeth. Some of these problems may cause them to lose their teeth. Some of them may run into other problems, such as gum disease. This gum disease is known as periodontal disease. It has been suggested that the reason people get these gum diseases is because of improper care. There is a dentist who states that such people need Periodontal Maintenance in Lake Worth FL. Here are reasons why.

Dental patients who get regular teeth cleanings may find that they may get periodontal problems. Regular teeth cleanings are not thorough enough to take care of issues that may attack the gums. Some patients get prophy cleaning, which is a supragingival process. Even this will not work for those patients who have periodontal problems. To effectively combat periodontal disease, the patient needs to get periodontal maintenance. This maintenance keeps the disease at bay if the treatment is regular.

Effective periodontal maintenance works when the patient gets the treatment every three-months. The three month period works because it keeps the bacteria that aggravates periodontal disease from becoming active again. Thus, to keep the patient with the diseased gums from getting into a worse state, such as losing his or her teeth, this three-month maintenance plan will aid the patient in winning the war against his or her gums and teeth. If a person feels that he or she might have the beginning stages of periodontal disease, an appointment should be made immediately with a dentist.

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