Who’s the Right Candidate for Root Canal in Salisbury, North Carolina?

Does your tooth hurt? Sometimes, your tooth might hurt because you have a tooth cavity. Toothaches can be a major inconvenience. The pain can make it difficult for you to speak, eat, or even function normally. The worst part is, the toothache may not go away even after taking pain relievers. If you have a toothache, the most prudent thing to do is schedule an appointment with the dentist. Your tooth may be hurting for several reasons:

• You have enamel erosion
• You have a cracked or chipped tooth
• You have a tooth cavity
• You have food debris stuck between your teeth

Do You Need a Root Canal?
Root canals in Salisbury, NC are an excellent treatment option for teeth with deep cavities. Usually, small teeth cavities can be treated using dental fillings. If the cavities extend beyond the enamel to the pulp cavity, you may need a root canal in Salisbury, NC.

Root canal treatment prevents tooth infections from reaching the gums and jawbone. The dentist will remove the infected part of a tooth, and replace it with a suitable filling material. Root canal treatment is safe, and it helps to restore both the function and the aesthetic value of the tooth.

Does Root Canal Treatment Hurt?
Root canal treatment doesn’t hurt. Many dental clinics are now using sedation to make the entire process of root canal treatment pain-free.

You don’t need to tolerate a toothache. Contact Robert S. Ogden DDS PA to learn how they can help with your dental problem.