When Your Sinus Infection Requires Dental Care Service in Jackson, MI

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Dentist

Sinuses are air-filled cavities that lie inside the skull and are lined with a mucous membrane. When you develop a sinus infection, one of the symptoms could be a throbbing toothache, referred to as a sinus toothache. Sinus toothaches affect the upper back teeth. The roots of the upper molars in the back of your jaw could be too close to the floor of the maxillary sinus cavity, and this can affect the tooth nerves. The pressure placed on the nerves results in pain similar to a toothache, and you will need dental care service in Jackson, MI.

What Causes a Sinus Toothache?

Typically, healthy sinuses will be filled with air and a tiny amount of mucus that continuously drains away. The increased pressure builds up within your sinus cavity and triggers a toothache when:

  • The drainage of mucus out of the sinus cavity becomes restricted

  • The airflow into the sinus cavity is restricted

Both of the above conditions occur when the mucous membranes that line your nasal and sinus passages are swollen. Inflammation of the mucous lining of your sinuses can be the result of numerous conditions. However, the most common causes of a sinus toothache are:

  • Allergies

  • A common cold

  • Dental or respiratory infections

  • Anatomical obstruction in your nasal passage

  • Pollutants

In some instances, the primary cause of a sinus toothache could be a dental condition that requires dental care service. One common dental issue that results in a sinus infection is a tooth abscess in the wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth are located close to the sinus cavity, and in this instance, bacteria can spread from around the roots of your teeth to the sinus and cause a sinus toothache.

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