When To Seek Periodontal Treatments In Chicago

Tooth loss is very common amongst adults with untreated gum disease. According to the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), 3 out of 4 adults suffer from some form of gum disease, affecting more than 80% of the US population. Fortunately, tooth loss is easily preventable with the proper treatment from a trained and licensed periodontist, a dentist specializing in prevention and treatment of gum disease. However, it may be difficult to determine when a trip to the periodontist is warranted. A trip to the periodontist should be scheduled if any of the following symptoms occur:

Bad Breath

Of course, poor oral hygiene comes to mind first when thinking of bad breath. But if a strict oral hygiene routine is kept, what could be causing the bad breath? If bad breath continues to persist, it is an indication that gum disease has started to form. While embarrassing to admit, seeking periodontal treatments in Chicago can prevent further gum decay.

Receding Gum Line

A good indication that the gum line is receding is teeth that look longer than normal. Another tell-tale sign of a receding gum line is loose teeth. If left untreated, the disease will continue to progress towards the jaw bone, which can lead to other serious health problems.


Many people are under the impression that bleeding in the gum area is not a serious problem. However, any bleeding in the gum line area is an indication that something could be wrong. Regular brushing and flossing should not cause bleeding. In fact, bleeding is the most common symptom of those dealing with gum disease.


While inflammation can be a sign of a number of things such as Vitamin C deficiency or reaction to a new brand of toothpaste, it is more than likely caused by poor oral hygiene. If inflammation is a regular issue, schedule an appointment with a dentist right away.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores generally present itself once gum disease has been untreated for some time. Once mouth sores start to form, it is likely that the gum disease has progressed to periodontitis, an advanced stage of gum disease. At this point, a periodontist should be seen right away for treatment to prevent further damage. In severe cases, pus may start to form.

If any of the symptoms above have occurred, seek prompt Periodontal Treatments in Chicago by contacting Windy City Family Dental. Visit the website for more information.