What Does a General Dentistry in Weymouth MA Provider Do?

There are a wide variety of general dentistry providers in the Weymouth area, but many people feel unsure about exactly what General Dentistry in Weymouth MA consists of. In fact, general dentistry can include nearly all kinds of basic dental care today, starting with basic checkups. The American Dental Association recommends that patients see a general dentist for a checkup at least one time each year. For some patients, especially those who have advanced dental issues, the frequency of visits may need to be increased to two or three times every year.

During the dental checkup, the dentist may also do some basic dental maintenance. This often involves a tooth cleaning and tooth polishing. Most patients only require teeth cleaning once a year, although some people with plaque and tartar buildup will need more frequent cleanings. For people who struggle with tooth decay, the general dentist may administer a fluoride treatment after teeth cleaning and polishing is completed.

The general dentist is also the person that patients go to when they have any number of dental issues. Broken teeth, chipped teeth, painful teeth, and inflamed gums are all problems that a general dentist handles on a regular basis. In some cases, tooth extraction may be required for severe tooth decay, but in many other cases, cavities can be remedied with fillings. Chipped and broken teeth can often be fixed with the use of dental veneers or dental crowns. Both veneers and crowns are created specifically to match the tooth that they are repairing, so they will look completely natural as a result.

Many general dentists even do major teeth replacement work like dental implants and dentures today. Dental implants are permanent and are installed in the mouth surgically. Dentures are not permanent, but they look just as realistic as dental implants do in most cases. Patients can choose the solution that is best for them based on cost and how well their mouth is suited for each option. When looking for General Dentistry in Weymouth MA, consider Alpha Dental Center. They provide dental care of all types for patients of any age.