What Does a Cleaning Really Do for My Teeth Anyway? Find Chicago Dentists

Since most people do brush their teeth on a regular and daily basis, many tend to wonder about the need for professional teeth cleaning in the Lincoln Square area. So, what does a cleaning really do for my teeth anyway? Top dentists strongly urge patients not to ditch their regular professional teeth cleaning appointments. This seemingly small process is far more important to your dental and overall health than most would think.

Office Teeth Cleaning Removes Built-Up Plaque Deposits That at Home Brushing Leaves Behind

While all dentists recommend keeping up with a regular and proactive at-home teeth cleaning routine, even the best of brushers cannot remove the hard, calcified deposits of plaque that buildup on the teeth and in-between them over time. This is why regular, usually two times a year, dental exams and cleanings are recommended as part of your preventative dental care routine. Missed plaque deposits not only darken and cause the tooth surface stains, but it can also cause bad breath and lead to gum disease If not resolved.

When Your Kids Ask What Does a Cleaning Really Do for My Teeth? Be Ready with an Answer

The best way to encourage your kids to take the proper care of their teeth is to care for your own and educate them on why these tasks are important. Some dentists and other medical specialists link poor oral hygiene to other health issues too.

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