What Diamond Dental Discs From Palm Coast Do, That Other

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Dental Care

Dental discs are essential in any dental practice. They are responsible for almost any dentist’s tooth restoration services. Most of these discs manage a job just fine, but if you are going to take your practice to the next level, you need diamond discs. There are things that diamond discs can do that other disc can’t.

Less Tooth Surface Lost

With other dental discs, you may lose some small parts of a patient’s tooth that you do not need to lose. They lack the precision of diamond discs, often fracturing the tooth needlessly. With the diamond discs, you have greater control over how much of the tooth you are smoothing away, and fracturing is rarely an issue.

Smoother Surfaces Accept Amalgams Better

When you use diamond discs, you create the smoothest, cleanest edges and surfaces for dental amalgams. The amalgams adhere better and develop fewer bumps and unwanted features on the restored tooth. While you must settle for “almost perfect” with other discs, you get “perfect” with diamond discs almost every time.

Less Accidental Tooth Damage Means Less Pain

With standard discs, the accidental fracturing that can occur may cause the patient more pain after the procedure. Diamond discs reduce accidental tooth damage significantly, thereby reducing patient discomfort overall. This includes a reduction in any new restorations you would otherwise have to perform on the same tooth/teeth.

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