What Are The Benefits Of Dental Sealants In Camas, WA?

In Washington, dental professionals provide their patients with effective solutions for protecting the teeth from decay. Dental sealants are options that lower the effects of certain foods on the teeth and gums. Sugary snacks and carbohydrates can affect the teeth most profoundly. For this reason, dental professionals recommend dental sealants for children from ages six to fourteen. A local dental professional applies Dental Sealants in Camas WA for all children.

Reconstructing Damaged Teeth

Sealants are often used when reconstructing damaged teeth. The products are used to secure the repairs and prevent additional damage from occurring. The most common uses are associated with closing off a tooth after a root canal procedure. However, some sealants are used along with resin to correct cracked and chipped teeth.

Protecting Adult Molars

Sealants are also used as the adult molars begin to erupt through the gum line. Children are more likely to sustain damage to their adult teeth. For this reason, dentists apply a dental sealant over the adult molars which last for many years. The effects prevent the teeth from becoming damaged due to improper oral hygiene or common accidents.

Preventing Children from Obtaining Cavities

Children are more likely to develop cavities than any other dental patients. For this reason, dentists perform dental sealants on the child’s teeth to protect the teeth against cavities. The sealant prevents bacteria, plaque, and other particles from damaging the teeth and creating cavities. The sealants are effective and will last throughout childhood.

Eliminating Pain and Discomfort

Tooth damage can lead to significant pain and discomfort for patients. The conditions could also lead to infections if the damage isn’t identified at an earlier stage. Once the repair is made, the dentist can apply a sealant and prevent tooth loss altogether.

In Washington, dental professionals provide recommendations to parents when evaluating a child’s teeth and gums. A common concern for parents is that their child will develop cavities or tooth damage. Children that are facing difficulties when brushing or flossing could develop the cavities and lose their teeth faster. Parents who want to learn more about Dental Sealants in Camas WA are encouraged to contact Lewis Family Dentistry right now. You can also connect them on Facebook.