What a Root Canal in South Loop Is and, Perhaps More Importantly, What it is Not

The words “root canal” usually provokes a feeling of unease. It isn’t exactly a great thing to go through, and the procedure can be the easy brunt of a swift joke. But, there are a few misconceptions about what a root canal is in the first place. Perhaps shedding some light on these misconceptions will allow people to realize that a root canal is saving a tooth and restoring it, and not just a needless task of damage control.

One of the most deceptive and frustrating myths with a Root Canal in South Loop is that it is an actual removal of anything at all. A root canal is not a removal of the root, the tooth, or the canal for that matter. The purpose of a root canal is to save the tooth. The canal is cleaned out, so the tooth has a structure to form and bind against it. This process allows the tooth to remain intact.

What is removed is any pulp and build-up that has accumulated within the root. This coincides with what a root canal is. It is the removal of bacteria and fistula that has accumulated in an infection. The contents of the infection are removed to give the tooth room to root in with the root itself. This is against the popular belief that a root canal is nothing more than a tooth extraction, where in reality it is the opposite.

A Root Canal in South Loop will be followed up by a handful of appointments. The root canal is typically followed by a permanent filling or a crown. A permanent filling is not exactly permanent, for it may only last a few years. A crown usually lasts many years, though it is possible for it to crack.

South Loop Dental Specialists website covers a lot of questions about root canal. It details the pain that can be expected and how to manage that. It also illuminates some other misconceptions about the procedure. Pain is normal, but it is thankfully manageable. A professional will accommodate the patient with the medicines and follow-up treatments needed to restore their smile and relieve the pain.