Ways Loop Dentists in Chicago, IL, Treat Pain From Dental Abscesses

A severe infection of the tooth pulp is called a dental abscess. The abscess can cause a bad taste in your mouth because it is often filled with purulent drainage. Dental abscesses can also cause significant pain and if not recognized and treated appropriately the infection can quickly spread. Here are some ways Loop dentists in Chicago, IL, treat dental abscesses and associated pain.

Removing Infected Material

One of the first things Loop dentists in Chicago, IL, do to help relieve abscess-related pain and spread of infection is to remove the infected material from the tooth. If the bacteria-laden material is not removed local inflammation will persist and cause further pain. Once the infected material is removed from the tooth, the infection, inflammation, and pain will likely subside.


In addition to removing the infected material from your tooth, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics to further eliminate the infection. Once the infection has been cleared, pain from your dental abscess will subside. It is important that you complete your entire prescription of antibiotics because failure to do so may result in the incomplete resolution of the infection and an increase in pain.

Antibiotics used in the dental setting can be harsh on the gastrointestinal system and because of this, your dentist may suggest consuming yogurt to help repopulate your gut with healthy bacteria.

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