Using Family Dentistry in Oceanside CA To Teach Children Oral Hygiene

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Dentistry

Millions of adults often refrain from visiting dentists out of fear. Unfortunately, this fear can inadvertently be passed down to their children. It’s the responsibility of parents to instill positive and healthy dental hygiene habits in their children so that they can grow to have excellent teeth. The following are several basic tips that all parents can follow to improve the dental health of their children.

For starters, children need to learn about the importance of oral hygiene as early as possible. A lot of parents wait much too long before taking their children in for their first dental check up. Dental experts recommend that children as young as a year old should receive a checkup from a dentist. Visit a service for Family Dentistry Oceanside CA has available to get your child started on the right track to a great smile.

Until a child is old enough to do so on their own, it’s up to a parent to brush their teeth for them. Parents must remember that adult teeth are often much stronger and much more durable than the teeth of an infant. That said, a parent must work to handle a child’s teeth with care. Fluoridated toothpaste, a toothbrush with soft bristles and a gentle touch are all that a parent needs to brush their child’s teeth.

As a child gets older they’ll be able to brush their own teeth. In most cases, children as young as three should be able to begin brushing their teeth regularly. During this time, don’t forget to have them regularly visit a service for Family Dentistry Oceanside CA offers. Parents need to pay attention to how their children brush to correct any problems in their technique. With the right amount of consistency, a child should be able to brush and floss their own teeth by the age of five or six.

Those parents who are interested should check out website for more helpful tips on teaching children the importance of oral health. Again, don’t wait too long before taking an infant to see a dentist for the first time. Parents should remember to be very gentle when brushing a toddler’s teeth. Remember to remain consistent when teaching your child how to brush and floss so that they can learn the proper techniques.

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