Understanding the Different Types of Braces Available in Elk Grove Village

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Dental Care

Advances in orthodontic care have given dentists a wider range of treatments that include several options for braces. A top local dentist explains the different types of braces available today, including the ever-popular invisible braces in Elk Grove Village.

Traditional Braces Are Made from Top-Quality Stainless Steel

When people think of traditional braces, they envision high-grade stainless steel metal brackets and wires that are permanently attached to the teeth until the dentist or orthodontist deems it time to remove them. These braces are the least expensive type, and they are designed to slowly push the teeth into the proper position.

Clear Ceramic Braces Are Popular with Teens & Adults Today

Ceramic braces have become popular with teens and many adults since they are clear and are not as noticeable as traditional braces are. However, these braces do work in much the same manner as the former.

Invisalign, Also Known as the Invisible Braces, Are More Comfortable & Easier to Clean

The Invisalign braces are also called the invisible braces. These innovative braces are really a series of custom-made, clear aligners created using computerized 3-D technology. There is no metal at all involved in these braces, and each patient generally receives 18 to 20 aligners for their customized treatment. These are removable, more comfortable, and allow for better cleaning of the teeth. Invisalign braces in Elk Grove Village tend to be more costly.

To learn more about your options in choosing between the different types of braces or if wanting more info on invisible braces in Elk Grove Village, contact Schumer Family Dental Care today.

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