Treating Periodontitis With the Help of Family Dentistry Center in West Fargo ND

Teeth cleaning and smoothing the surfaces lays the foundation for the fight against the periodontitis since your gums work better with smooth teeth. Tartar, as well as exposed tooth necks, are rough. The actual treatment is realized with three different methods of family dentistry center in West Fargo ND.

First method: the closed treatment

The closed treatment is a procedure that requires no surgical intervention and without the opening of the gum. With a hand instrument (curette) or ultrasound machine, the root and tooth surface is mechanically cleaned. With mild to moderate periodontitis, the dentist will achieve a good result with this therapy and can free you from the bacteria.

In this case, the periodontal pockets must have a depth of at least 3.5 mm in order to be reasonably treatable. Since the surface of the tooth roots is also included in this therapy, you will receive anesthesia and can usually be treated painlessly.

Second method: the open treatment

Open treatment at a family dentistry center in West Fargo ND is also referred to as open curettage. This is the most complex form of therapy that can be performed by the dentist, especially in acute cases. For this, the gum is opened and folded outward, so that the tooth roots and periodontal pockets can be cleaned directly under inspection.

The open curettage usually occurs only when the closed method has no effect. Afterward, the treated area is re-sewn and given the opportunity to re-apply to the clean tooth surfaces over time. Since the removal of hard deposits on the root surfaces in advanced periodontitis is not completely painless, you are usually anesthetized, so that the treatment can be painless.

Third method: treatment with antibiotics

The third method refers to the administration of antibiotics. This is recommended only in rare cases and is only used for certain shapes and forms. Particularly in the case of aggressive or very stubborn forms, it is possible to apply antibiotic therapies locally (in the periodontal pocket) or systemically (tablet form).

A sole treatment with antibiotic drugs is usually not useful, because there is no long-term cure without treatment of the causes. Visit Smile Care Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to learn more. You can also connect them on Facebook.