Top Reasons for Tooth Extraction in Front Royal

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Dentist

Each individual is different, as are their teeth, but there are a number of reasons that may lead to a tooth extraction. These issues can affect a person at any age, and the extraction may be done on a baby tooth, or an adult tooth. It is important to understand that this is a quick, painless procedure. You can rest easy knowing that there are many options available to ensure your smile remains full and beautiful.

Overgrown Adult Teeth

In some cases, a child’s premature teeth may not loosen as an adult tooth begins to descend from the gums, resulting in a number of problems. To start, the adult tooth has the immature tooth in its way, which can cause it to grow at an abnormal angle, or to begin growing in front of, or behind, the immature tooth. Tooth extraction in Front Royal, as performed by a reputable dentistry such as Thomas Family Dentistry, PC, will be performed to remove the immature tooth, and clear a path for the adult tooth. If done early enough, most children will not experience any issues with the tooth falling back into the correct place.

Crowded Mouth

Tooth extraction may also be an option when a mouth becomes too crowded with teeth. This is often caused by the patient’s palate being too small to accommodate a full set of adult teeth, which can then result in crooked or twisted teeth, an overbite, or an underbite. Your dentist will pull teeth that are crowding your mouth to help you properly align the rest of your teeth. Surprisingly, this is an issue common to many people. No matter what you may think about visiting the dentist, these professionals are experts at what they do. Your extraction will be fast and painless, and the results will be beautiful.

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