Tooth Pain Can Be Resolved With General Dentistry in Jackson MI

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Dentistry

Tooth pain can quickly become a big problem for people to deal with. Unfortunately, tooth pain can have many causes, some of them serious. Whenever tooth pain is ongoing and cannot be relieved, a person needs to seek treatment from their dentist. With General Dentistry in Jackson MI, tooth pain can be brought under control so a person can find relief and protect the health of their teeth. To find the cause of the pain, the dentist will need to carry out a thorough examination.

With General Dentistry in Jackson MI, a person can find the cause of their tooth pain. One of the most common causes of ongoing or worsening pain in the tooth is caused by decay. When decay begins in a tooth, it begins to eat away at the tooth tissue. Eventually, the decay breaks through the hard enamel layer and then begins to degrade the health of the inner tooth. Once it reaches the inside of the tooth, the nerve becomes exposed which can lead to severe pain.

Tooth infections can also cause tooth pain. If an infection is present, a patient will often have swelling around the tooth with bleeding and pus drainage. Patients may also experience swelling in their jaw and fever. An infection needs to be brought under control as soon as possible or it will continue to negatively affect the health of the tooth and can eventually cause problems with surrounding teeth and the gum tissue.

Both of these issues can be treated by the dentist. In the case of infection, the pus is drained away and the tooth is treated with antibiotics. Once the infection is brought under control, the pain is relieved. If cavities are present, removing the decayed portions and filling the tooth will allow a person to find pain relief.

If you have been dealing with overwhelming tooth pain, now is the time to seek dental care. If you would like further information, you could look here and visit This site will give you full information about the many dental services they offer their patients so you can be informed. Call them right away to schedule your appointment.

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